We partner with fast growing Amazon brands in the US and India.

We have experts in almost every category that hand hold brands to provide an end-to-end managed solution for launching on global ecommerce marketplaces. This level of knowledge is unique in the ecommerce industry and can be leveraged for your business as well.

We can buy your brand, invest for equity
stake or infuse working capital to boost
your ecommerce sales.


We close quickly once you decide what works best for you

Sell your brand

As entrepreneurs we understand the hard work it takes to build a brand. Our team can guide you through a fair and transparent valuation process that will reflect the true potential of the brand for what it can be.

Investing for equity

We understand that you may want to continue to run your business. Partner with us to help you scale globally through multiple efficiencies in sourcing, supply chain management, technology implementation and resource sharing.

Working Capital

The need of the hour may not be equity dilution but just working capital to ease out some bottlenecks that will help you meet the true potential demand of your brand. Partner with us to help you scale to a truly global scale while you continue to own your business.