With our roots in retail we understand the value in managing freight costs and transit time. We have built knowledge and infrastructure to manage a lean supply chain at scale.

The first step towards getting your products to the US is navigating global logistics. Leveraging technology and the strength of our global relationships with leading air and ocean carriers, our dedicated Logistics Team will move your cargo from your factory or warehouse to our warehouse in New Jersey in the most cost + time efficient manner.

All custom documentation and clearance is facilitated by our dedicated team.

Aggregate your shipments in our containers.
Brands reduce their freight costs by upto 60% when shipping with us!

getting started with
global selling?

Just getting started with global selling? Air freight can be costly and ocean freight can also be very expensive if you are not shipping a full container load. Your small cargo can be consolidated in our dedicated containers sailing from various international cities while still getting the same price advantages of shipping full containers.

This unique and powerful solution is available only for our partner brands, one of the various examples of synergies we provide through the scale we have achieved over the years.

Write to us at for an FCL/LCL quote.